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Whether you’re an independent homeowner who wants to scale back to fit your budget or a real estate investor interested in flipping an REO home for profits, Oceanpointe Realty’s specialty is to get homes sold
quickly and for a top dollar market value.
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What makes Samuel Bonnardel different than all the others?

We connect buyers & sellers in Jacksonville

Providing effective marketing, strategic advertising and a client-focused seamless experience!

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I Want To Sell My House Fast for Market Value in Jacksonville

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We use proven marketing tactics to reach more qualified buyers in less time. Putting homes for sale in front of the right audiences, including mega investors, pre-qualified home buyers, and domestic and international cash payers.

I Want To Sell My House Fast for Market Value in Jacksonville

Sell High

Though all agents have access to the same tools we do, our keen ability to interpret market data and effectively execute a detailed marketing plan provides the winning formula for selling a home at the right price point.

I Want To Sell My House Fast for Market Value in Jacksonville

Sell Easy

Getting started with our risk-free home marketing program is simple and hassle-free. Oceanpointe Realty’s offers free home evaluations year-round to jumpstart the process of getting a residential home on the market in hours.

There are many reasons for wanting to sell a home. It might be that you have found a stable job opportunity elsewhere; you may want to downsize after the children have left for college, or it could be that you’re simply looking for a fresh new start.

Whatever the motive is for putting your home on the market, Oceanpointe Realty helps this transitional time to go smoothly. Samuel Bonnardel, one of the company’s leading realtors, understands what it takes to get your home selling for top dollar. Together with our team of local agents, he has developed a virtually fail-proof system for selling homes fast and for a reasonable price – right here in the city of Jacksonville.

DIY vs. Pro Marketing

Market the home yourself and pay no commissions, guaranteed. Alternatively, clients may enlist our knowledgeable agents to complete a la carte or full marketing services for a small percentage of the sale. We offer 3 commission packages to choose from.

Pay Nothing Upfront

Our services come with no risks or strings attached. There are no advance fees to pay unless the home is sold for a procured fee that’s deemed acceptable to you. In addition, services can be canceled at any time. All we ask is that you let us know two days in advance of the cancellation.

Full Due Diligence

To optimize profits and speed up the sale, our agents perform a comprehensive evaluation of the home and local market statistics, including supply and demand trends. You can rely on us to complete a thorough walkthrough of the home for sale and to provide suggestions on the best move to make.

No Pushy Salespersons

With us, you’re in control. Our clients are never intimidated into accepting offers or making hasty decisions due to aggressive buyers’ agents. Instead, we screen and present practical bids as they roll in. We also provide you the time and space needed to make an informed decision.

What Sets Us Apart


Hire a Realtor to sell your home! Our agents have many years of experience closing great deals in the Jacksonville real estate market.

Proven Sales History

We sell more homes than any competitor in the region. Let’s help you sell your house fast for market value.


We leverage the power of technology to broadcast listings in front of prospects who are ready to buy.

Get a Winning Strategy

Nothing is worse than having a home for sale sitting on the market for months or years. At Oceanpointe Realty, we speak from experience: marketing methods play a significant role in how fast and high a home sells. As a result, we’ve perfected the art of closing the deal. No matter the price range or location, Oceanpointe Realty is up to the challenge of getting it sold!

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